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What is this Opportunity?

This Opportunity is for YOU. It is an exceptional home based business opportunity with the leading company in herbal nutrition. We provide you with support, email/online training and a network of home business entrepreneurs to learn from and communicate with. This is just a small example of the opportunity, support & training available!

What products are available?

Weight management, vitamins & minerals, nutritional supplements, Skin care, Bath & Body, Fragrances, Cosmetics and sun care to name a few.

How do I know the products are safe?

The Megadose and Labeling Laws apply...the Megadose law means that even at 3 times the recommended amount of the product is still safe to consume; the Labeling law means if a specific group of individuals cannot take a product the label must state so, if it does not then the product is safe for all to consume.

Do Doctors oversee the products development?

Yes, there is a medical advisory board consisting of doctors, nutritionists, dieticians and scientists who oversee the research and development of the products. The board's role is to ensure the products meet and exceed the highest standards in the nutrition and personal care industries.

How old do you have to be to get into the business?

Minimum age requirement must be 18 years of age in India to conduct business.

Do I have to sell door-to-door?


How much can I earn?

As much as you are willing to work for and desire...

How much time is required daily?

You may spend as little as one hour or as many hours as you wish. That is the beauty of the home business opportunity, you decide how long and when you want to work. Many people maintain their "day" or full-time job but many others find they are so successful they can afford to quit their regular job.

How do I learn, who teaches me?

You will receive a home business kit which includes everything needed to get started. In addition, we will be available for your questions, training and support.

Do I have to purchase a minimum of products every month?

No, however, your profit margin increases based on total products purchased from the company for either sale or personal use.

Do I have to be computer or Internet literate?

Not necessarily. We have proven and easy-to-learn ways that everybody can benefit from. For the non-Internet person, you'll learn quick and effective ways to generate interest and business through traditional methods. For the Internet minded, we have generic versions of our dynamic websites available for your immediate use.We also teach affordable and effective strategies that will give you the opportunity to successfully launch your business into the international marketplace of 81 different countries. We provide proven expertise in Internet marketing.

Do I have to attend training meetings?

No, it’s not obligatory. However, a surefire way to jump start your home business is by attending one or more of the training events that may be held in your area. These are powerful, motivating and informational one- & two- day seminars held by the best of the best in the company. You will learn how they made this opportunity work for them, how they made their wildest dreams come true and it will allow you to meet and talk to others who are starting out just like you. We highly recommend that you attend one or more of these trainings since it will help to boost your business immensely.

How do I get started?

Click here to start.

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